Voices in my head

A unique insight into people affected by schizophrenia.

slemme englerFilmed over the course of a year with unparalleled access, Voice in my head is a six-part TV-series following young people who have been treated at Bergfløtt, a specialist facility for schizophrenia and psychosis. They give an honest and personal account of the illness as they battle to turn their lives around.

To illustrate their individual experiences with psychosis and delusions, the series fuses animation and experimental sound design with traditional documentary.

Schizophrenia is one of our most stigmatized mental illnesses, disproportionately affecting young people. This series fights against the stereotypes and gives voice to the people who really know what living with schizophrenia means.

Genre: Documentary series
Length: 6 x 39 minutes
Release: Fall 2016
Director: Gunhild Asting
Producer: Mari Monrad Vistven 
Financing: NRK, The Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt ord (NO), Extrastiftelsen – Helse og rehabilitering (NO)
Distribution and sales: NRK (Norway), Medieoperatørene (world wide)