The Dance of Transportation

transporteringsdansCan the way we move change our lives?

With unconventional and playful methods, the Norwegian artist and dancer Martin Slaatto challenges our bodily illiteracy.

Why should swaying be reserved only for drunk people? Why do you stop and feel the surface of a tree only if a child is by your side? How can old people safely feel the pure joy of a delightful fright?

With a system of 20 playing cards depicting various moves we seldom encounter, Martin Slaatto has developed a method called The dance of transportation. Armed with his stack of cards and his 82 year-old mother as an accomplice, he sets out to challenge the boundaries of age and common practice, releasing the potential of our body and soul.

Norwegian title: Transporteringsdansen
Genre: Documentary
Length (est.): 52 min
Estimated release: 2014
Line K. Lyngstadaas
Ingvil Giske
The Norwegian Film Institute, Fund for sound and image, seeking further finance