The Accidental Rock Star

gas mask

The Accidental Rockstar is a music documentary telling the story of the iconic rock band, Kaizers Orchestra, through band member Helge Risa – the “man with a gas mask.”

Drawing inspiration from Kaisers Orchestra’s own aesthetic, this film blurs the boundary between imagination and reality. We follow Helge as he is about to perform at the Oslo Opera House. On his way to the stage, Helge is separated from the band and finds himself in Kaizer’s fictional universe. He travels through the albums from the band’s past – leading us to different chapters of documentary material. On this journey, we get a glimpse of music history – from Kaizers’ humble beginning in a practice room at teacher’s training college to sold out concerts 12 years later.

The film is supported by The Norwegian Film Institute and Eastern Norway Film Centre… and maybe you?

Our crowdfunding campaign was a great success – exceeding our goal and creating a lot of Accidental Film Producers!


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International title: The Accidental Rock Star
Norwegian title: Den tilfeldige rockestjernen
Format: Documentary
Length: 87 min
Language: Norwegian, English
Release: Norwegian Cinema premiere March 13, 2015
Director: Igor Devold
Ingvil Giske