St. Jørgen’s Square


The musings and reflections of Jørgen

Jørgen is an institution within an institution. As head of the equipment department at a major broadcaster, his candid accounts and blunt exchanges reveal the tensions between a deep rooted work culture and the demands of present-day television production. They also point to a broader struggle in governmental institutions: maintaining the quality of the work experience for employees while delivering their challenging requests.

International title:
St. Jørgen’s Square
Norwegian title: St. Jørgens plass
Format: Documentary
Production year: 2011
Length: 25 min
Language: Norwegian
Release: 2012
Director: Charlotte Thiis-Evensen
Producer: KriStine Ann Skaret
Distributior: Medieoperatørene

Norwegian Film Institute
Commissioning editor: 
Stig Andersen (NFI)
Dokfilm, Volda, Norway 2012
Eurodok, Oslo, Norway 2012