Samson Travelling

Samson_stillbilde_webSamson (11) is a Roma, the people previously named “gypsies”. In the summer, Samson and his family hook up the caravan and travel. But they are not welcome everywhere. Some camping sites won’t let them in, and Samson misses his friends. Director Lowri Rees followed Samson and his family, travelling with them to camping sites all over Scandinavia. The film is a unique depiction of life in the Roma culture, seen from the perspective of a child.

The film was shown under the vignette Megafon on NRKSuper March 3. 2011.

International Title: Samson Travelling
Original Title: Samson på reise
Format: Documentary
Prodution Year: 2011
Length: 18 min
Language: Norwegian, Romani
Release: March 2011 (NRK TV)
Director: Lowri Rees
Producer: Peter Bøe
Distributor: Medieoperatørene
Financing: Self-financed
Screenings/festivals: NRKSuper March 2011