HUMANWhat is human? HUMAN is a close up look at people and relations taken out of their usual environment. Without familiar purposes and surroundings, the film plays our labelling instinct against the factual meeting with another person. How close can we get to another human before it gets inhuman, – or maybe too human?

Watch the film at Filmarkivet. Available on DVD as a part of the compilation New Roads to Norwegian Documentaries. Click here to order.

Format: Short film
Lenght: 25 min.
Release: June 2009
Director: Thomas Østbye
Producer: KriStine Ann Skaret (in co-production with PlymSerafin)

2009 Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad: Film Critics’ Award
2009 Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad: Gullstolen for Best Short Film
2009 Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad: Norwegian Film Workers Association’s Technical Award to Øystein Mamen and Rune van Deurs for cinematography and sound
2009 Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest : Der Goldene Schlussel
Festival participation:
2009 Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway
2009 Eurodok, Norway
2009 Den norske dokumentarfilmfestivalen, Volda
2009 Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad
2009 Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival, Reykjavik
2009 Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival