Hanne Myren

Portrett_HM4Hanne Myren (b.1973) was one of the founders of MOP in 1995. Her directorial debut, Girls (2007), received the Norwegian National Film Award Amanda for both Best Documentary and Best Youth film. Myren’s following project, the drama-documentary short Control, won the Terie Vigen award for Best Norwegian short film in 2009, and was nominated for an Amanda in the category Best Short film.  Her latest feature film Love me will premiere in Norwegian cinemas in October this year.

Phone: + 47 41456362
Email: hanne [at] mop.no

Films with Medieoperatørene
As director:
After Benjamin
Rocky the Oil Pioneer

As producer:
Ten Years from Now
How Happy Can You Be?
Sandman – The Story of a Socialist Superman
Suburban Songs
The Man who Loved Haugesund
To The House
The Radioballet
The Secret Club
Clinton – the musical