jenterIn this close-up and frank documentary Girls we meet Iselin, Mahsa and their friends who show us what it is like to be a girl in Norway today. Perhaps it is the toughest girls like them, the ones that have tried and tested most things before the others, who then need to work hardest at discovering themselves. That is when it is good to have friends. Or maybe not?

Norway (audience: 47.000)

NRK (Norway)

Genre: Documentary
Norwegian title: Jenter
Dur: 77min.
Director: Hanne Myren
Producer: Øyvind Rostad
Cinema release: February 2007

2007: National Film Award Amanda for Best Children & Youth Film
2007: National Film Award Amanda for Best Documentary
2007 Norwegian Documentary Film Festival Volda: Honorary Mention
2007 Norwegian Short Film Festival: Honorary Mention – Documentary Films
2007 Nordisk Panorama – 5 Cities Film Festival: Honoraray Mention – Documentary Jury

2007 Kristiansand Int’l Children’s Film Festival
2007 Norwegian Documentary Film Festival Volda
2007 Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad
2007 Femina Women’s Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro
2007 Shhh! Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Young People
2007 Nordisk Panorama, Oulu
2007 M:dox, Malmö
2007 Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany
2007 Laterna Nordica, Denmark
2008 BUFF Children & Youth Film Festival, Malmö
2008 Reykjavik Short & Docs, Iceland
2008 Buster Int’l Children’s Film Festival, Denmark
2008 Scanorama, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 DocPoint, Finland
2009 Buster Int. Children & Youth Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Nordox, Beijing