From Prison to Parliament

from prison to parlimentTwo years prior to the dramatic 2007 election riots in Kenya, Norwegian-Kenyan Peter O. Ranginya is serving time at Bastøy prison in Norway, convicted of embezzlement. His fellow inmates calls him “The President”, because he plans to run as a candidate in the Kenyan Parliamentary elections.
The goal is to win a seat in Parliament without bribing a single voter. He will fight for democracy and against corruption. Peter admits that the embezzlement was a mistake, but still it was a way to help the democratic movement in his native Kenya. The end justifies the means.

His  cellmate Wolfgang Dahmen, from Germany, decides to go to Kenya to help Peter achieve his goal. The film follows the election; the hard work and his unstoppable optimism, from Norwegian prison to the Kenyan Parliament.

Norwegian title: Presidenten fra Bastøy fengsel
Dur: 58 min.
Director: Charlotte Røhder Tvedt
Producer: KriStine Skaret
Released: 2008

The Golden Chair Award – Gullstolen, for Best Documentary, Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, 2009

IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam 208
The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, Volda 2009
Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad  2009
Nordox – Nordic Documentary Film Festival, 2009
International Film Festival Watch Docs – Human Rights in Film, Warsaw 2009
DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, 2010
Ad hoc: Inconvenient Films – Human rights Film festival, 2010