Elin Grimstad

elin_lav_bwElin moved to Oslo in 2004, after graduating from Bath Spa University in animation and creative writing. She set up her own animation studio and started making quirky animation films and illustrations. She integrates animation, theatre and music to create a new, unique expression. Elin has since worked on a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. She has been involved in several puppet theatre productions and was the producer and artistic director for a collaborative children’s theatre show Universet in 2009. The same year, she also completed a two-year course in author studies at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books. Her book, Månen som ville lyse som ei sol (The moon that would shine like the sun), came out on Samlaget in 2012. The book, which Elin both wrote and illustrated, was very well received and is now being translated into 13 different languages in preparation for its publication in India. In addition to these projects, Elin is active as a songwriter/ lyricist in the indie-pop band Je suis animal.  Eternal Hunting Grounds is her first animation film for the screen.

Phone: +47 93416939
Email: grimfilm [at] gmail.no

Films with Medieoperatørene
Eternal Hunting Grounds

photo: Ingeborg Refsnes