Birgitte Sigmundstad

birgitte_lav_bwBirgitte Sigmundstad is a visual artist, working mainly with photography and video. She was educated at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design. Birgitte has made several short films and experimental documentaries,  A Good Motive (2013) being the latest. The Collector (2012) was a commissioned work from the Henie Onstad Center about Sonja Henie. If a traveler to Serbia on a winter’s night (2008) was shown at Eurodocs in 2009. Several of her films have been shown at the Short Film Festival in Grimstad:  A letter to the Minister of Culture (2013), A New Direction (2011), Why have there been no great female artists? (2006), and That’s Entertainment (2005). Birgitte has also had solo exhibitions at the Ram Gallery (2013), Oslo Art Society (2010), Stenersen Museum (2008) and participated in group shows at several galleries. Her work has been included in the National Art Exhibition, Høstutstilingen, six times since 1993, most recently in 2010.  In 2007 she received Einar Granum Art Award and in 2012, Birgitte was granted guaranteed income for artists from the Norwegian Government.

Phone: +47 93059458
Email: birgitte.sigmundstad [at]

Films with Medieoperatørene
The Odelsrett