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Tungeskjærerne (The Tounge Cutters) directed by Solveig Melkeraaen is part of IDFA Competition for Kids and Docs in Amsterdam in November 2017! The Tounge Cutters was nominated best Kids documentary at Amanda 2017.






Mellom oss (Between Us) directed by Charlotte Røhder Tvedt, won the Audience Award at Oslo Pix 2017. The film is having special screenings at cinemas in Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondhjem, Stavanger and Tromsø Autumn 2017, before getting released at Aftenposten TV in December 2017.





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Dugma: The Button, directed by Pål Sahaladin Refsdal won Gullruten 2017 for best documentary, as well as winning Best Documentary in Monte-Carlo Film festival 2017, Best Mid-Length documentary at Hot Docs in 2016 and Amanda for Best Documentary 2016.





Stemmene i hodet (Voices in My Head), a documentary series for NRK, directed by Gunhild Asting, was nominated best documentary tv-series at Gullruten 2017.